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Owasp Zap with firefox

Configure OWASP Zap with Firefox

What is OWASP Zap

OWASP Zap is a security testing framework much like Burp Suite. It acts as a very robust enumeration tool. It’s used to test web applications. It’s completely open source and free. There is no premium version, no features are locked behind a paywall, and there is no proprietary code.

This software can run under Windows and Linux

Install: OWASP ZAP (

Configuring with Firefox

After installation open OWASP Zap

Tell ZAP to use and use port 8080

OWASP Zap with firefox

In the same screen navigate to Dynamic SSL certificates

OWASP Zap with firefox

Press save.

Now we are going to import this certificate in Firefox. Open Firefox

Go to about:preferences

Import certificate on firefox

Click on View certificates

Click on import and import the certificat we just saved

Import certificate on firefox

Make sure you select to trust

Import certificate on firefox

let’s add an extension to our web browser to allow up to easily route or traffic through it. We use FoxyProxy Standard

Foxyproxy with owasp zap

Next, click on FoxyProxy among your extensions in the upper right corner

OWASP Zap with firefox

After that, click on ‘Options’.

FoxyPorxy with OWASP ZAP

click ‘Add’ in the top left to add Burpsuite as a proxy to FoxyProxy

OWASP Zap with firefox

Enter in the following settings and then click ‘Save’

  • Proxy IP =
  • Port = 8081
  • Title = Zap

Now we need to make sure the traffic is going to ZAP. Click on the FoxyProxy extension icon again and select ‘ZAP’.

OWASP Zap with firefox

If you using Burpsuite also then make sure the port is different then the one used in burp. If you follow this guide then you should not have that problem as burp is standard on 8080

If you navigate to you should see the OWASP welcome page

Firefox and OWASP

You can run this next to Burpsuite. Just follow this guide Configure Burpsuite with Firefox

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